With WedED, you have hands-on, real-life personal interaction about only the areas of your wedding planning you need most.

Need help figuring out your catering selections and how to get the most amazing menu?

Want to know what is most important about making your reception one that guests will love?

Wonder how to create a theme and elements that reflect you?

Overwhelmed by the number of options?

Need to cut your budget but not lose the "wow" factor of your wedding?


...Energetic and creative, we at WedED help calm your fears about your wedding with a bite-sized version of wedding planning. You can buy one hour of expert advice to solve a crisis or hours each week until the big day. We help you with only what you need - and you decide when you need WedED. We personally help solve dilemmas about your decisions and offer assistance to think clearly about what is most important to you. We escort you through the details and decisions that often slow down the fun of being a bride.  Save money in some areas. Add value to others.

One session or twenty. Zero meltdowns.

You do the math.


wedding planning made easyOne- hour sessions (on site, phone or SKYPE) to maximize your budget and streamline decisions
wedding savings
Bride, groom and/or family communication coaching to help with the drama
wedding bargains and negotiatingPersonalized, creative event theme design
(full service or custom theme development) to combine your ideas into just the right combination

  You can choose one hour of WedED or a bouquet of sessions!

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our wedding classes are fun!plan your wedding without being overwhelmed